We are excited about the children God has given to the members of New Life Church and look forward to this day of dedication and celebration with your family!

Please read the following and proceed with registration upon agreement.

Child Dedication is a decision made by parents to devote themselves to God to train, teach, and be godly examples for their children. It is also parents’ opportunity to acknowledge that their child is a priceless gift from God to faithfully guide to know Him. New Life Church gladly dedicates the child of parents who are committed to the principles of God’s Word for families. This includes a married man and woman or a single parent who is living pure according to the Scriptures.

In Matthew, chapter 19, we find parents bringing their children to Jesus. He told his disciples to welcome them; He held them; and He prayed for them. As a church, we follow this example and pray over our little ones and their parents.

We also commit to come alongside parents to pray for, encourage, and support them as they navigate the many seasons of raising their children. God created each individual with a unique plan in mind and we are here to assist parents as they lead their children to find His purpose for their lives.