“Bonnie and I began leading New Life Church in 2011. By early 2016, we were experiencing all of the typical measurements of success. Throughout this season, the church grew 525% and we added two new campuses. We were well on our way to becoming the typical megachurch in our city. During this season of success, I began to sense there was something missing. Late one evening, the Lord directed me to Jesus’ message to the seven churches found in Revelation chapter two and three. What I began to discover that night, led New Life Church on a journey that has prepared us for this difficult season of ministry in a Post-Christian era. In the course of this pandemic and the restrictions associated with it, I feel led to share what the Lord has shown our church. While I know this message will be challenging to many pastors and church leaders, I also believe it will be instructive as we navigate the days ahead.”



The Essential Church – Why In-person gatherings are vital and how many church leaders are failing.
“I believe that the local church is the most essential organization in the world and that many pastors, while speaking boldly on social justice issues, have remained silent when it comes to protecting their right to assembly. Unlike many, I don’t believe this issue is settled and I’m willing to have this discussion.”

When Heaven Came Down – Discovering what matters to God and what it looks like to give greater freedom for His presence in our services.
“​I felt the Holy Spirit telling me If we want to be the church that Jesus is pleased with, we need to first know what matters to Him—and then make sure that’s what matters to us. It wasn’t numerical growth. It was His presence. As I read Jesus’ words it became clear that if we were to experience a greater expression of His presence, we too needed to make some changes. And I knew it started with me.”

The Myth of Safety. What the early church can teach pastors about leading during a crisis.
“No time in the recorded history of the early church was it safe to be a Christian. Can you imagine the early church making decisions whether or not to meet based on how “safe” it was? If they had, there wouldn’t be a church today. The one thing the early church refused to do in light of the most horrific circumstances, was to give up gathering.”

Mike Fehlauer
Mike Fehlauer


Pastor Mike Fehlauer became the lead pastor of New Life Church in 2011. He believes the local church and the message of Christ is the only hope for a city and a nation. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from ​Olivet Nazarene University ​and is the author of ​Finding Freedom from the Shame of the Past, Life Without Fear, a​nd​ Exposing Spiritual Abuse. ​Mike has been a featured contributor to Charisma Magazine, Charisma Leaders, CBN, and has appeared on TBN, Daystar Television and Christian Television Network. Pastor Mike has been married to Bonnie, his partner in ministry and in life, for the past 41 years.


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